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Learn About VA’s Infrastructure Operation (IO)

Watch these two interviews with IO’s leadership


Reggie Cummings

Executive Director, Infrastructure Operations (IO)

Aired on September 16

Reggie Cummings, Executive Director, Infrastructure Operations, sits with Bill James, President of Federal Business, LLC.  Their conversation covers a wide area including Mr. Cumming’s background, the size and scope of his operation, and why he’s so excited about the future.

Kendall Krebs

Deputy Executive Director, Infrastructure Operations (IO)

Airs September 30, 12 PM ET

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* Meet The InnoVAtor is a series of interviews with executives working to usher innovative solutions into the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA)

Jay Paluch, Director, Operation Triage Group, Office of Information and Technology

Jack Galvin, Executive Director, End User Services, Office of Information and Technology

Michael Parrish, Chief Acquisition Officer

Luwanda Jones, Deputy Chief Information Officer, Strategic Sourcing

Watch this 4-part videos series and we guarantee you’ll learn things you never knew.

– Part 1 –

The Fundamentals of Veterans Affairs

– Part 2 –

Office of Information and Technology (OIT)

– Part 3 –

External Stakeholders Impact Decisions

– Part 4 –

IT Governance and Decision-Making

VA’s ‘Low Code’ Approach Accelerates Delivery of Benefits to Veterans by Bill James

A low code approach has emerged as a way to deploy applications faster and more cost-effectively. Popularized in the private sector over the past few years, its use in government is gaining momentum. One such use case is the Department of Veterans Affairs. Read more…


The Federal Information Technology Acquisition Reform Act (FITARA) was passed by Congress in December 2014. Since November 2015, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) has released two scorecards per year grading Federal agencies’ Information Technology (IT) performance. Read more…


A Commentary from Federal Business LLC

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9 Tips to Crafting a Winning VA Proposal

by Mike Davies, Associate Consultant, Federal Business, LLC

Responding to a request for proposal, but unsure how to make it stand out? I have some helpful pointers before you put pen to paper. More

12 Dos and Don'ts When Interacting with the VHA's Project Team

by Mike Davies, Associate Consultant, Federal Business, LLC

After 20+ years of leading and participating in projects with the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), I picked some best practices – and some not so great ones—in partnering with commercial businesses. More

Brand Or Be Branded

by Steven Vito, President, Business Of VA

Four more meaningful words in the realm of strategic communications may not ever be written. Brand Or Be Branded – these four words address several aspects of effective communication. More

APM: graduates from nice-to-have to must-have

by Bill James, President, Federal Business, LLC

Imagine if you were a passenger on an airline and the pilot announced, “I have no instruments in the cockpit, so please let me know if one of our engines stops running.” This is how many of the software applications in Veterans Affairs (VA) operated in the past. More

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