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U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is the second-largest Federal agency representing an enormous market of countless goods and services. Yet with its size comes complexity. The following videos offer a range of content intended to help those in the business of VA to better understand and navigate this market.

Dan McCune Interview

Executive Director, Software Product Management (SPM)

US Department of Veterans Affairs

Watch This Informative Interview

You’ll learn about the vast responsibilities of the Software Product Management (SPM) team in support of VA meeting its sacred mission of serving our Veterans.

This interview discusses the enormous number of software applications managed by SPM – over 1,200!  These applications are both customer-facing and internal. You’ll also hear about the tools used in SPM to fulfill Mr. McCune’s future plans for this group.

Learn About VA’s Infrastructure Operation (IO)

Watch these two interviews with IO’s leadership


Reggie Cummings

Executive Director, Infrastructure Operations (IO)

Aired on September 16, 2022

Kendall Krebs

Dep. Exec. Director, Infrastructure Operations (IO)

Aired September 30, 2022

Meet The InnoVAtor:

Jay Paluch Interview

Jay Paluch, Director, Operations Triage Group, Office of Information and Technology, US Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA), sits with Bill James, President, Federal Business, LLC. They discuss the role played by the Triage group to address – event anticipate – trouble spots that arise in VA’s vast IT network.

To Read the Transcript of the Q&A session during the Jay Paluch interview, click here

Meet The InnoVAtor:

Jack Galvin Interview

Jack Galvin, Executive Director, End User Services, Veterans Affairs Office of Information and Technology, sits with Bill James, President, Federal Business, LLC. They discuss a wide range of topics including the challenges of providing VA’s end users the technology they need to serve Veterans.

Meet The InnoVAtor:

Michael Parrish Interview

Michael Parrish, VA’s Chief Acquisition Officer sits with James Gfrerer, CEO of Federal Business, LLC, and former VA CIO.  You’ll hear about Pathfinder, the new vendor portal, and other “major acquisition reforms” impacting how vendors can engage with their VA clients and prospects.

Meet The InnoVAtor:

Interview with Veterans Affairs Luwanda Jones, DCIO, Strategic Sourcing

Bill James, President, Federal Business, LLC, interviews Luwanda Jones, Deputy CIO, Strategic Sources, Veterans Affairs (VA). Ms. Jones discusses the role of her office in the acquisition process and how she and her team interact with VA’s Technical Acquisition Center (TAC) in Eatontown, NJ. She also provides insight on how vendors should interact with her department to achieve more productive outcomes.

Think you know VA?

These Four Videos Will Help You Understand The Enormous Complex Market of VA

– Part 1 –

The Fundamentals

From this video, you’ll learn valuable insight into how VA is organized, its budget, its priorities and how they map to the Presidents Management Agenda (PMA).

– Part 2 –

The Office Of Information and Technology Impacts All Areas of Veterans Affairs

From this video, you’ll learn how it is organized, its budget breakdown, and what are its priorities.

– Part 3 –

Impacting Many of the Decisions of Veterans Affairs Are Stakeholders External to the Organization

This video will tell you who they are and how they impact the business of VA.

part 4 –

Business Decisions in VA Are Driven by Multiple Factors

This video will tell you who are the primary governance bodies that impact VA decision-making.